Today I realized that macrame is still around – a special group in Ravelry and plenty of sites on the Internet. It reminded me of the sixties and early seventies, when macrame was hot and if you did not sport a planter in your living space you did not qualify for being hip, as it was called back then. I taught myself with the help of the useful book The Ashley Book of Knots – 3000 of them. And there was “Far beyond the Fringe“, hinting at the extremely popular, totally crazy 60s series “Beyond the Fringe“. For the girls I macramed a rope tent, hung from the ceiling. Never made a pot hanger though. The pictures shows one of six napkin rings I made for my Mom in 1972, the colors matched her tea china. It is about 40 cm long and held the napkin in the wooden ring; once the napkin was taken out it served as a table decoration.