We first met in 1966 in Evanston, Illinois – but it has been decades since we met last. I remember so well a visit to Lynn’s Silverbirch Spinning Shop in Whiting Bay (on the Isle of Arran), learning how to spin, my two small children in tow.

Today, for no specific reason, I search the web again for Lynn, again using different search words. And she was, almost unchanged but for the color of her hair – almost forty years whizzed past, and throughout those decades we had both pursued the same directions in different ways. What a wonderful surprise this Tuesday held for me!

On her Rainbow Textiles website I found pictures of her and her children, two of whom I had met all that time ago! And look at her beautiful textile art projects! The one above Lynn called: California Storm 2009.

Hello, bonjour, guten Tag Lynn – so glad to have found you again!
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Lynn on Ravelry