> A few pictures of last night’s spectacular sunset, 17 February 2010, by way of introduction – just can’t resist showing those colors so abundantly and generously provided by nature.
Crochet AND knitting, I always loved both equally. Recently, knitting seemed to have taken the upper hand, in other years there were plenty of crochet projects. Of course, there are always tempting new techniques to learn as well, such as spinning and dyeing wool, weaving, occhi/tatting, kuhimino, macrame, sprang, surface work, embroidery, couching, tassel marking, beading, patchwork and many more – I attempted them all just to KNOW how they work – and did some serious spinning! – however: So Many Techniques, Such Little Time!
Having found freeform textile artists Prudence Mapstone, Myra Wood, Jenny Dowde and others, crochet bullion-stitched itself to the foreground again… and so last year freeform knitting – inspired by Jane Thornley – and freeform crochet crossed the finish line together in close harmony.
A great link for learning out-of-the-box crochet stitches (Tutorials on You Tube, many patterns) is The Art of Theresa.

As far as a new overall approach to Freeform Textile Art is concerned I cannot recommend enough the new venture by multi-talent Jane Thornley THE INSPIRED KNITTER’S CLUB – an Anything-Goes bubbling fountain of ideas, using the latest technology for like-minded people to share Jane’s venture and accompany her on her travels in the multi-faceted world of textile art at its best.