It took a while! Life intervened, as usual. But as long as it took, I am happy with the result and so that’s all one can want, can’t one? Started last year in May, not really knowing whether it would turn into a wrap, a shrug or vest, the  project started quite sometime ago finally turned into a Kimono.

I completed it on February 27, 2010 and took it on a three-week journey through Viet Nam. It was the perfect travel outfit, not too warm yet providing protection against the sun and cooler late evening breezes in Hanoi.
All parts finished, I added a slanted collar, adding short row after short row until it was just the perfect neckline for most of my tops, just covering them. Some beadwork brought in some glizz and a crochet border along the bottom, also beaded, gave a bit of structure to the stripes.

And here two pictures of the Forest Clearing with wild orchids and marguerites.