>On Ravelry there is a group crocheting Granny Squares for creating afghans for the people hit by the recent floods and the cyclone in Australia. The group is called
CROCHET A RAINBOW. Natasja is organizing this drive on Ravelry: she is
NATKING on Ravelry. And this wonderful lady, SARAH LONDON, will do all the joining of the squares – all you need to do is crochet Granny Squares, as many as you like, and send them to an address in Australia that you will receive when you sign up, either on Sarah‘s blog or via the Ravelry group. There is also a Flickr group to post your finished Granny Squares (Step-by-step instructions: GRANNY SQUARES and here and here. If you wish to join Granny Squares, here is Sarah London’s picture Tutorial – for the Rainbow Sarah prefers to do the joining herself. Just send those Grannies!
ADD TO THE RAINBOW – it is a very worthy undertaking – please help.

Crochet a Rainbow 1 P2250179
Crochet a Rainbow 2 P2250185