The Magic of Color expressed in two very different tops, using the same pattern and type of yarn.

This beautiful kidsilk haze from Rowan was bought spontaneously some years ago – two skeins were abandoned and lingered in a basket in front of a woolstore – can you believe? I put them safely away in my mohair box and there the twins waited for their great entrance into the world of favorite garments. With the lovely Minimalist Top pattern by Anna Kuduja they found their destination!
The pattern is very easy to follow and I did not change the stitch count, the mohair material is forgiving if one is not quite as slender as the designer.
Since I tend to knit tightly, I cast on double the number of stitches with 2 sizes smaller needles and knitted them together in the first round with the required needle size (US9). This way the edge is very elastic yet snaps back once the top is pulled over the head. One could of course also used the Magic CO method, which is very elastic. I kept track of the joining by setting four markers, a white one for the joining point and a blue one half-way through the round.
I did not want the bind-off to roll in as indeed I want the cast-on edge to roll in – so I am using a ”Surprisingly stretchy bind-off by Cat Bordhi to finish this beautiful mohair top. The last five rounds are knit in moss stitch. Both methods combined led to a great straight and non-binding bottom edge of the Minimalist top.
It is exactly like the designer said: A Minimalist Top, as light as a feather and very versatile – it will definitely not stay single… (also see this post for more pictures of the Flaming Lobster Top)

Would I have chosen a color like that for myself to wear? Probably not. To my surprise though, people always comment on the color and how well it suits me – this proves that occasionally we should walk out of our self-imagined color cocoon and be open for new experiences!