Every moment in time we are weaving the tapestry of our life, of what becomes our past. If we are conscious and aware of the design, the structures and colors, highlights and expressions, this tapestry can shine and shimmer with beauty, joy and gratitude.

After an unusually cold winter, we had a long and hesitant spring, with overcast skies, rainfall and strong winds. But there were also glorious days, when one wanted the clock to stop and relish all nature presents during the spring season, like looking at a meadow, a tree and a field. During May, the nightingales are singing day and night and make us marvel in silence and admiration, listening almost incredulously to the musical range and power of this lovely bird. Here an example of the song of the nightingale – and why not have her sing your very own words?
Freeform knitting took a backseat for a little while because of work and travel. But in the evenings my hands could not rest idle not matter how tired I was – I made a few fancy birds, stuffed with fleece and lavender. The original one I saw on Ravelry, made by Lucy of Attic 24. 
The grey bronze hoopoe bird stands on a small flat basalt rock from Ireland, which is placed on an ancient French millstone. This beautiful sculpture is most probably the reason why we have had hoopoes faithfully nesting and breeding on the grounds for the past 15 years!
Many years ago I purchased two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Light out of a reduced yarn basket. A pattern for a gilet caught my eye recently and I was lucky to find two more skeins Noro Silk Garden Light on Ebay for knitting the gilet. However, when I had finished it except for one sleeve, my “inner voice” told me that this was definitely not my style. I think I need to mix and match my own colors. So the gilet got unravelled and the yarn is already back on the needles again… this time for a wrap I am making as a gift. But I did learn something very practical and useful: The smooth and elegant contiguous sleeve, invented by SusieM (on Ravelry). Setting in sleeves is looking good! (No photo yet).