Profusion de Fleurs
There are so many beautiful images to look at and sometimes I just wish I could have a true Afterimage – especially when I see lace  – I like the idea of having a beautiful picture stay on the retina for a while, even if it does change color! An image of lace I cannot ever see long enough. Lace knitters are a tight-knit community, an oxymoron if you reflect on this. Many want to try out lace knitting just once – and some get hooked – or “needled” as the case may be. And sometimes a new pattern is published and one is totally enamored from the very start, love at first sight – in French so aptly called: “un coup de foudre“.


Here are my latest hits of lightning – the incredibly airy, lacy Medallion Wrap by Kathy Merrick. After I received the Vogue 2012 Special Crochet Issue as a present from of my daughter Anne I ordered the Rowan Kid Silk Haze rightaway, but could not even wait for it to arrive, just had to start instantly with some stash mohair, tirelessly gathered by daughter Valerie. It looks beautiful even in these colors – and I don’t think I will be bored with making this pattern twice! By the way – the picture of the old lichen-covered tiles holds a surprise – look closely!
And hold that afterimage – like I do when I see my wonderful grandson Victor on Skype – the screen picture closes with a blubb at the end of the call, but the image of that laughing three-year old stays on!

The next project that needed doing as soon as the image turned up on my computer screen was the ingenious Wingspan by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs. My stash Noro Silk Garden Lite found its perfect project application, after I had originally intended to knit a gilet but was not happy with the outcome. For this wrap, I used the German short row method to avoid visible holes between the wedges. For joining the yarn I used the overlap method by TechKnitting
The Wingspan is almost finished – I might add some frills at the outer edge and an I-cord – one shall see.