In the beginning of summer in the high plain, The Meseta Central in Spain is bursting into colors, predominantly poppy red, delivering one of the two colors of the Spanish flag, the other being the golden yellow of the sun.

The expansive Meseta Central covers a large area of Castilla y León in north-western Spain. At a height of 800 m on average, the air on the plain is fresh and the breeze carries the fragrance of millions of wild flowers gracing the landscape stretching into the far horizon, fusing with the sky. They are lining the roads criss-crossing the area, selflessly providing a source of pure visual and olfactory delight.

Sometimes we can fill our soul’s need for joy, for happiness and bliss simply by looking at the roadside…

Happiness is also finding that a lovely yarn store, Elisabeth Tricote, recently opened in our little town. It is like getting an unexpected birthday gift, something that will – hopefully – be a source of delight for years to come. A few pictures and an interesting background story will follow shortly. And as usual when exposed  to a yarn environment, I spent a long time soaking in the wealth of yarn colors and textures, not leaving without at least a small yarn helping: a soft mohair for a wispy light shawlette, and a small roll of fine flax. The two new treasures are already transformed and will be part of a gift to a friend who is not allergic to wearing mohair.

Beads lined up on a transparent thread outline the delicate linen/mohair flower, the center accentuated with a bead in pastel blue. See this Miracle Design Post for the pattern and don’t forget to listen to Petite Fleur by Sidney Bechet while you are there!The shawlette is so stretchy and light one can even wear it around one’s shoulders during a summer evening, at night, when a fresh breeze awakens and the hot temperatures of the day subside.

The pattern is easy: CO 24 stitches (or more, divisible by four), I added 2 for the edges left and right. Knit 2 rows. Knit pattern row: K4 (YO, K2tog, K2) and repeat until desired length. Knit 1 row. Cast off loosely. I used a US size 12 knitting needle. The pattern is by turvid2008 and published on Ravelry and in her blog. 

The pattern looks and in fact is identical on both sides, which is nice if you wish to turn this shawlette into a larger shawl or wrap – reversible patterns that don’t have the smell of effort are invaluable!

 Links and tips for your textile crafts: this Helpful Tips Link might interest you (scroll to bottom of post).