Sometimes yarns are just so tempting that all previously started projects are instantly pushed to the “hibernating” stash, and good riddance to them until I have worked out, played about and tried out several ideas with that precious new yarn by Noro! (Also see the last post) 

 Aya – smiling 
Multicolor yarn AYA

Aya by Noro is such a yarn. One could fall in love with it, at least if one is a pair of sleek knitting needles or a shimmering wooden crochet hook… The name “Aya” sounded so lovely, too. So this is what it all means, according to Wikipedia:

 “Aya is a female name with multiple meanings in different languages. Aya (あや, アヤ) is a common female Japanese given name. Meaning “Design” “Art” or “Beautiful” Aya is also an Arabic female name written as آية meaning “sign”, “miracle“, or “verse.” A’ya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means “to fly swiftly.” or “Bird”. In Old German Aya Means “Sword”.
There are several alternative spellings including Ayah and Aiya.
There is also an African Adinkra symbol called an Aya which is a fern, it is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.
In the Raute language of Nepal, Aya refers to one’s sister-in-law, meaning the wife of one’s elder or younger brother. The word’s origin comes from Proto-Tibeto-Burman ’ay (alternate form yay) meaning mother”

Doesn’t this tie in nicely and quite unexpectantly with the name of this blog?

Crocosmia Montbretia Lucifer