Color me … and I can see…
“Studies have shown that we can see about 1000 levels of light-dark, 100 levels of red-green, and 100 levels of yellow-blue for a single viewing condition in a laboratory. This means that  the total number of colors we can see is about 1000 x 100 x 100 = 10,000,000  (10 million). A computer displays about 16.8 million colors to display an image”. This is from but even more interesting is the question of how many colors are there and the reply is “infinite” – not very scientific, I suppose, but I’d like to believe it, it is somehow easier to joyfully imagine than most infinities in our lives.

September started with a few nasty days, single-digit temperatures and chilly winds. Then, as if to remind us of those Indian summer days we seem to remember so well, the sun was shining brightly again, being outside the call of the day, a light breeze fanning the surroundings, making blossoms swaying on their long stems, giving visiting bees the ride of their life! Won’t you join me for breakfast …

A friend will be visiting next week and in tune with striking fall colors I made a fall’in leaves cowl for her to wear in Berlin, not known for the best of climates. The Canadian Maple already put on its autumn coat of many colors – for the picture I threw the cowl up into the air and it landed safely on a branch with select matching colors, as if it knew where to settle most decoratively.

Maple morphing with Fall’in Leaves Cowl

Cast on 50 with bulky yarn and large needle size, knit in the round, 1 knit row and 1 purl row, three times, then add splash of color with yo twice before every knit stitch, next round let those yo drop and knit all non-yo stitches, next row return to 1 knit row and 1 purl row, three times, cast off with elasticity matching the cast-on. If you like Country Music, here’s the song of the Coat of Many Colors, sung by Dolly Parton.

After I had finished the cowl I came across a very similar stitch pattern, so if you wish to buy one of Abi’s most beautiful cowls she sells them at Etsy and here is the Ravelry link for Abi’s Drop Stitch Cowl.