Our move from the vast and sparsely populated French Midi to mega-city Berlin requires a period of adaptation. Life in a beautiful place came to an end and is missed tremendously. Luckily, it is not material possessions we miss. It is friends one cannot easily visit any longer, it is my country cat Howard who did find a new home but is missed every day, and there is le Lauragais landscape, the infinite fields, wide horizons, Pyrenees mountains, the Montagne Noir, and the sky with sunrises and sunsets beautiful beyond description – all of this having been the main reasons for living in that part of France for almost two decades.

 Timbuctoo – adding new circles

In many ways we are lucky to have found a true home and friends in so many places, be it in Germany, the UK, the United States or in France – so I would like to belief that we will feel at home again someday in this big city of Berlin. I am slowly picking up my threads again in the truest sense of the word, getting my yarn stash organized and continuing dormant projects. The cowl Timbuctoo has made a few steps forward – moving along the road to Timbuctoo inch by inch so to speak. As one says, the path is the goal. And who says one has to hurry knitting …

This is the last part of  ART TEXTILE BERLIN – highlighting a few more artists participating in the exposition in Berlin. The vast array of arts kept the visitor almost spellbound – each room held new surprises, affording lovely insights into old and new crafts and creations. Click here to see all four blog posts on ART TEXTILE BERLIN.

Two more works by Eva Lippert – showcasing her art in a glass cabinet. Such lovely gatherings of materials, be it beads or buttons, yarns or fleece, an almost transparent precious look at one time, darkly glossy and beautiful the other, combining knitting, crocheting, beading, quilting, weaving, just following the voice of the materials.

Mormon, Anne-Marie

– See more at: http://www.textile-art-berlin.de/teilnehmer/mormon-anne-marie#sthash.pdtXab17.dpuf

Beautiful gathering of sensuous materials

Mormon, Anne-Marie

– See more at: http://www.textile-art-berlin.de/teilnehmer/mormon-anne-marie#sthash.pdtXab17.dpuf

Mormon, Anne-Marie

– See more at: http://www.textile-art-berlin.de/teilnehmer/mormon-anne-marie#sthash.pdtXab17.dpu

Showcasing textile and beadwork delights

This tool Wikinger Strickliesel (Viking Spool) is used for making jewelry: wires are wound around a stick and calibrated. Naal binding is also a technique taught by Gabriele Kister-Schuler.

See this interesting blog by Tara for excellent pictures of bracelets made with the Wikinger Strickliesel. You can see how the wire is  wound and stitched around a stick, its size determinant for the length and diameter, crocheting in the round so to speak.

Jewelry made with Wikinger Strckliesel (spool knitting)
Bracelet made with Wikinger Strickliesel (Bracelet and picture by Tara)

Anne-Marie Françoise Mormon – glass jewelry, handmade of the finest Murano or Lauscha glass, using ancient glass winding techniques.

Rings – Jewelry and Photos by Anne-Marie Mormon

Closing this post with a picture of folded Origami ornaments, bringing bright rainbow colors into the church St. Maria, in Angermünde (Uckermark, Germany). I was thinking of how lucky we are that we are able to live in a safe place and how urgently we need to help those less fortunate.

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In all colors of the rainbow – Origami in St. Maria (St. Angermünde, Germany)

Yoomchi = Korean Art of Papermaking – Artist Sang Hoon Yang ”Love Song”, 600x1800m, Joomchi, Wire and handmade Paper. Hanji is strong and long-lasting traditional Korean paper, made from the inner bark of the dak (mulberry) tree, famous for its ability to resist fading, even after 1,000 years. This material is popularly used in the fashion industry, normal life and artwork creation, such as Yoomchi.