Although winter temperatures and trees bare of leaves will still be with us in the northern hemisphere for another month or so, I am now starting to knit colors for spring. These two hats are made with fuzzy yarns from my stash, one of them adorned with a pink heart for that little girl somewhere in a migrant welcome center in Berlin.

Spring Green Hat for a Baby

I used the Emily Ocker cast-on and German Short Rows for the earflaps. Adding a new color when knitting in the round: “jogless” is what you want so see this tutorial on how to joing a new color to your hat. I-cords and a little heart-shaped button – and the hats were ready to start their travels. For more helpful hints click here
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Spring Green Hat for a Toddler

O how I long again to see
The vernal face of Spring,
And hear, from every budding tree,
Some little warbler sing.

I long to see the forest trees
Clothed in their robes of green,
And swaying in the gentle breeze
Display their glossy sheen.

I long to wander by the stream
Where sport the speckled trout,
Or in the noontide’s genial gleam
See lambkins frisk about.

I long to see the sons of toil
Perform the noble deed
Of breaking up the stubborn soil
To plant the fertile seed.

I long to see the meadows green
Bespread with flowerets gay–
I long to have a change of scene
From winter cold and gray.

It won’t be long–a little while
And snows will disappear
And Flora with her winning smile
Shall find a welcome here.

A poem by S. Moore (Canada)