Spring returns with longer hours of light – the golden wings in the beautiful leather panel by Jorge Centofanti seem to take flight again, sparking new ideas and awakening tangible ones after a long hibernation ….

Illumination Series – Tapis Lumière – Light Rug (Guadameci)

This panel within the Centofanti Illumination series encourages and inspires to resume work on my project Timbuctoo (also see: Tahir Shah) which I started the day I bought the panel in August 2010. Some things just take time.

If Guadameci is an art you are not familiar with please read about it in this article on The Art of Leather. You might be as thrilled as I was – to discover an ancient art and some of the very few artists who are still engaged in creating leather art – how lucky can one get.

Tapis Lumière

Signs of Spring